How do I List My Property on HeyHolidays

HeyHolidays wants to build a trusted online community of hosts and guests, and we encourage you to put your extra space or house on our platform. We have seen that People who listed their space on HeyHolidays, not only get additional income but also enjoy meeting new people from across the world.

Step 1:  Please check 

  • With your neighbours and make sure that they do not have any objection
  • If you are living in an apartment/society, make sure that you obtain approval from the proper office/person
  • Check to see if there are any local laws related to short stay accommodation. If yes, please make sure that you adhere to such laws and local rules.

Step 2: Login to HeyHolidays ( If you are not registered already, please sign up.
Once you logged in, please complete both the online and offline verification process. That includes uploading your government ID, verifying your email ID and mobile number.

A verified ID makes your profile trustworthy to other users. With a verified ID, you have better chances of getting a booking request. HeyHolidays wants to build a trusted online community; by verifying your ID you help this community to grow.

Once you are logged in on HeyHolidays, click on share your space on top left corner of the page. But, before you start the listing process please make sure you have the below information ready with you: 

  1. Brief summary of the listing   For instance: It is conveniently located in a prime and serene locality on the main road at (.....). Easily accessible with 5.5 km from Railway Station,  6.5 km from bus stand, 14 km from Airport, 25 km from international Airport. All the main attraction like.... are within 15 minutes walk. House is on 2nd floor and surrounded by greenery. Although it is near the city but very peaceful.
  2. Home Type (Can be one any of the below)
    1. Apartment
    2. House ( individual house)
    3. Bed and breakfast (Service apartments/guest house etc...)
    4. Others (Others include Town house, condominium, Bungalow, Cabin, Villa, Castle, dorm, Tree house, Boat, Camper, light house, hut, others)
  3. Room Type (Can be any one of the below)
    1. Entire home (entire house, not shared by you or anyone else)
    2. Private room (Separate room in a house, common amenities shared by other occupants)
    3. Shared Room ( Room is shared by other occupant)
  4. Number of Bedrooms
  5. Total number rooms
  6. Number of bathrooms
  7. Number of guests allowed for the listing price
  8. Number of extra person(s) allowed in the house (people over and above the guests in point 8) For example: you have 2BHK, and you put entire house on HeyHolidays.You allow 2 people and listing price per day is $150 (for mentioned guests) Extra persons over 2 people will be charged an additional $10 per night per person, but limited by the number of extra persons mentioned by you.
  9. Price per extra bed
  10. Check in and Check Out time for your house ( by default it will taken as 12 PM check in and 11 AM check out)
  11. Complete Address of the location
  12. Good quality photos of the house
  13. Price per night.  Please make sure that your pricing is optimal, keeping in mind the location. Very high pricing leads to very few to no booking requests and very low pricing leads to a loss of revenue. Before putting  the price, you can see other HeyHolidays listings in your nearby areas for reference purposes. Your pricing should reflect the quality of the stay and amenities provided by you. Please make sure that your pricing includes various factors like host service fee you are paying to HeyHolidays, and taxes that you need to pay to the government.
  14. Price per week (you may want to offer to longer duration booking)
  15. Price per month (you may want to offer to longer duration booking)
  16. Specific date pricing ( set differential pricing for festival, or any special occasion, same can be done from calendar option)
  17.  Various amenities available in the house
  18. House Rules if any so that guest get to know your expectations and avoid any last minutes problems. For Instance: no smoking, no liquor, maintain silence after 11PM in the night etc...

Step 3: Click on “Share your space” and follow the steps to complete the listing.

Step 4: Go to your profile “your listings”, make sure that it is marked as “listed”, if not please mark this as listed. Once it is marked as listed, it will be visible in the relevant search results and you are an active host on HeyHolidays.