How to become good Host

What is expected of me after listing property?

  1. Keep your price relevant to the location and your property.  If you are not getting a good number of accommodation requests after a period of time , you may want to reduce your listing price.
  2. When you get an accommodation request, please make sure that you respond to it as early as possible as that helps the guest to finalize his or her plans. We encourage you to take action on such request as soon as possible as we do track the host response time and host response rate, which will decide your place in the search result.  The higher that you are in the search results,the better are your chances of getting bookings.
  3. Keep your calendar updated; if your house is not available over a certain duration, please update the calendar accordingly. That way you help guests make efficient searches.
  4. Please make sure that you update your payout method through which method that you want to receive your money.

What is expected of me once Booking is confirmed?

Once booking is confirmed, please make sure

  1. Contact the guest via call or chat to confirm arrival time. Provide directions to your address.
  2. Washed bed sheets and towels and maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene in your home.
  3. Check if all amenities as promised are available for instance hot water, stove/geyser, and other necessary amenities.
  4. Please make arrangements to handover keys.  If you are not available, then please designate someone for the same.
  5. Have contact details of the guest handy with you.

Once the guest checks out, please do not forget to write your review.  You have 14 days from the check out date to write reviews.