About Us

HeyHolidays is a fast rising global company in the short stay accommodation space based on Shared Economy with its headquarters in Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. We provide a global online marketplace which delivers short-term accommodations from urban cities to resort destinations to travelers from across the world. This secure platform uses the concept of the shared economy to connect adventurous sightseers, the Wanderers, with hometown hospitality for an authentic localized experience. Based on this philosophy our tagline is "WANDERERS OF LIFE"

HeyHolidays Wanderers of Life

We travel not to get away from life, but to not let life get away from us. We travel to find ourselves and to discover new possibilities. Along the way, we meet new people and get a chance to explore their worlds. We travel to experience something outside our comfort zone and to look at life from different perspectives. We travel alone, with friends, with extended families and with strangers that become new friends.  Whether it be to a great city center or a vacation destination or some remote part of a world we dreamed to visit, HeyHolidays is your global partner to ensure the best possible experience.

At HeyHolidays, we believe in opening up new worlds and new spaces, so that every wanderers who walks in, makes your place their home. 

So whether you are hosting someone or being hosted, an entire new world awaits you. The world of HeyHolidays.

A Dependable Partner for Potential Hosts

If you’re interested in using the extra space in your home to host visitors, we’ll gladly help you list your property so you can connect with short-term guests from all over the world. Hosting brief visits will allow you to supplement your passive income with rental profits. Additionally, our secure online payout system ensures prompt and reliable compensation from every renter you host.  Our goal is to be both your travel partner and advisor and we will make sure you know the best ways to create a pleasant environment to your guest.

A True Travel Service for Accommodation Seekers

We provide travelers with innumerable destination options and the added advantage of dwellings at various price points and filled with native charm. Every listing on HeyHolidays gives you a complete description of the amenities available at your destination as well as any applicable house rules. We will also help you reach out to hosts with our live chat function to clear up any lingering questions. In ensuring that any of your questions or answered or any issue is resolved, our 24/7 customer care center is focused on your needs.  Above all, HeyHolidays provides a secure system of online payment. Our aim is to make sure all of your excursions are completely worry-free.

HeyHolidays is also available as an intuitive mobile app. You can access any and all features or functions within the full website, from your smartphone or tablet. Available on both Android and iOS platforms.