Become a HeyHolidays host and earn extra money



Why should I Host?

Hosting could be your full time income or an extra income to pursue your passion.


Extra Money


Hosting is an assured, risk-free way to make extra money. More and more travellers around the world are moving away from traditional stays towards BnB stays. That means more occupancy, in turn more income to you. If you already have an income, who doesn't want extra? Try renting your free space on HeyHolidays and earn extra income.


Meet people from across the world

Travellers from any part of the world could knock on your doors. Isn't it awesome to let someone from another part of the world stay with you as a guest? Indeed it is. Tell them about your culture, learn theirs too. HeyHolidays is the magic link that brings such guests and you together. Listing on HeyHolidays will help you know people from across the world. Why wait? List your space now.


Our Fees are minimal


Once you host your free space, you can set a rental price for it. We only charge you a small percentage as our service fee for a confirmed booking. It's not much for our service. You will know after associating with us. List now!


Your money is safe

We collect your rent from guests before they drop in at your place. Your amount is absolutely safe with us and will be released to you (24 hrs after guest checks-in)



We are coming up with insurance for hosts against any damages(very very rare cases) by a guest.